23 September 2016, News
Spring/Summer 2016 Events
May 2016 - Mark your calendars! Fantastic Dances (2011) for percussion duo will be premiered by Joseph Van Hassel and Daniel McCloud at the University of North Carolina-Pembroke on Tuesday, Sept. 27 of this year! - Piano studio enrollment will reopen this May! The summer term is a great time to dive headfirst into your piano studies, whether you're beginning them for the first time or resuming after years off from lessons. I regularly offer lesson packages for 2x per week or 3x per week in order to ...
04 December 2015, News
Fall 2015 News
12/4/2015 - Merri Williams's review of Venturing Beyond has been published in the December issue of The Piano Bench Mag! For more information on the mag and how you can subscribe, visit their Facebook page ! Piano studio enrollment remains closed; however, interested prospective students are welcome to contact me for updates on when slots may open (as they sometimes do at the start of a new semester). I am always accepting students for music theory/composition instruction as well as accompanying ...
31 July 2015, News
Summer 2015 Events
7/2015 - My summer and fall composition projects, slated for European performances, are beginning to take shape, including a commission for a work for tuba and small ensemble and a revised men's choir arrangement of Seasons (2003), originally for SSA choir! I am still accepting new piano, composition, and theory students as well. I have concluded my session at Blue Lake, which featured collaborations with sopranos Courtney Piercey and Leslie Mason as well as a large concert with the SSA choir and a ...
23 May 2015, News
Spring 2015 News
5/23/2015 - For those who haven't heard, I have expanded my musical services to include recording demos of your solo piano compositions (provided they are doable within time constraints), as I am currently working on one such project. This may be particularly useful for composers who are not themselves pianists, but would like to have their compositions read by a real pianist. In addition, I'll provide advice on writing effectively for the piano (though if much work needs to be done in this area, I'll ...
22 May 2015, Article
Research Papers (Titles and Abstracts)
If you decide to cite my work in your own research, I'd love to have a copy of your paper as well! Hearing Stylistic Lateness in the First Movement of Mozart’s Final Piano Concerto, K595 Given at Music Theory Midwest, May 8, 2015 Mozart’s Piano Concerto no. 27 in B-flat, K595, completed in January 1791, represents the composer’s final contribution to the genre. As such, it has been retrospectively designated a “swan song” or musical “farewell.” Mozart’s biographical circumstances do not support ... Comments: 1
22 May 2015, Article
Complete Works List
For information on earlier works or others not included in this list, feel free to email me via the Contact page. In most cases, I would be happy to furnish you with scores and parts at no charge. If you are interested in programming my compositions, please notify me so I may include a link to the event listing on my News page. All I request in return is a copy of the recording, program and program notes (if available). Many thanks for your interest! (Works denoted by an asterisk (*) can be heard ...
21 May 2015, Article
Teaching, Tutoring, Accompanying, and Transcription Services
Teaching, Tutoring, Transcribing/Copyist Work, Recording, and Accompanying For more detailed information about my online studio, please visit my brand new studio website:  studio-dipaolo.weebly.com  ! The information below should only be considered a summary. Piano/Music Theory/Aural Skills/Composition Instruction Online via Skype and Zoom (excluding Bloomington residents/referrals*):  30-Minute Lessons: $100 USD/month or $30 per one-time lesson 45-Minute Lessons: $120 ...
21 May 2015, Article
Reviews and Press
Press Article from the Northville Record on Nicole and her piano trio - July 2007 (PDF) Guest Reviews of the Duo del Mare (Nicole DiPaolo and Amy Schlicher) The below comments are taken from the post-cruise surveys given to each guest upon disembarkation. On Holland America's ships, the violin/piano duo is always called "Adagio" (the Duo del Mare is Amy and Nicole's own name). Voyage 773 - ms Maasdam "The Adagio duo were (sic) fabulous!" "We really enjoy listening to Adagio ...
21 May 2015, Article
Audio and Video Recordings
Selected Recordings (all were recorded live unless otherwise noted) Please Note: the hosted files are slowly, but surely being replaced by YouTube links (to prevent dealing with hosting sites being sold or changed as they have a few times already). You may view most of the videos at the DiPaoloPiano YouTube channel; however, a few of them are hosted on other channels. All links will open in new windows. Enjoy! NEW! Nicole and violinist Jamie Lee playing the Canzonetta (2nd movement) of ...
21 May 2015, Article
Solo Repertoire List
Note: my chamber and collaborative repertoire is listed in a separate document . *Titles marked with an asterisk can be heard via  my YouTube channel  and others on YouTube. Please get in touch if you would like me to design a customized solo recital program for your next event. Please note that I do not generally accept unsolicited requests from composers to add their solo pieces to my repertoire (aside from specific and agreed-upon demo recording arrangements). Alkan, ...