21 May 2015

Teaching, Tutoring, Accompanying, and Transcription Services

This page provides more detailed information on the various musical services I'm available to provide.

Teaching, Tutoring, Transcribing/Copyist Work, Recording, and Accompanying

For more detailed information about my online studio, please visit my brand new studio website: studio-dipaolo.weebly.com ! The information below should only be considered a summary.

Piano/Music Theory/Aural Skills/Composition Instruction Online via Skype and Zoom (excluding Bloomington residents/referrals*): 
30-Minute Lessons: $100 USD/month or $30 per one-time lesson
45-Minute Lessons: $120 USD/month or $35 per one-time lesson
60-Minute Lessons: $140 USD/month or $40 per one-time lesson

*Bloomington students coming in through my referral program and Bloomington-based recruitment are eligible for the the lower in-person rates that my Bloomington location enforced. You'll receive information about those when we've confirmed that you were referred from there.

The listed tuition is almost all-inclusive; it includes full access to my studio-licensed digital score library (beginner methods will require additional purchases, but these are usually nominal and fall under $50) and additional group studio classes/recitals, which I host through Zoom. Each tuition bracket guarantees 4 lessons per month; the fifth is free in months that have a fifth week (and can be used for make-ups, no-penalty drops for illness/scheduling, etc.). After your initial inquiry you'll get the policy document with more details.

Also, please note that it is best for children to be "tween-age," around age 10 (depending on personal development and maturity) to begin their musical education through online piano lessons. I'll consider accepting slightly younger (still school-age) students who have previous piano backgrounds, so please get in touch to talk about that possibility. Pre-elementary children are encouraged to join a Kindermusik, Music Together, or Musikgarten program in the area.

Piano/Music Theory/Composition Instruction in Person (Westlake Music Academy and Celebrity School of Music): Please visit the Westlake Music Academy 's and Celebrity School of Music 's websites for more information on current rates and studio offerings! (Please note that as long as stay-at-home orders are in effect, studio teaching will take place over Zoom and Skype.)

Transcription/Copying/Arranging: $15 per page when working from a score (e.g. preparing a transposed vocal score to suit your range); when transcribing by ear (from a recording), rates vary by number of instruments/complexity and length, starting at $60 per audio-minute, so contact me for a quote.

Piano Accompanying: Please contact me for a customized quote. Those being matched with me through the Voice Variations studio will be quoted separate rates depending on the engagement.

Solo Performing Engagements (weddings, banquets, parties, etc.): Please contact me for a customized quote.

Recording Projects: Please contact me for a customized quote.

Click here to view a list of Nicole's collaborative repertoire (which is always growing!).



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