21 May 2015

Teaching, Tutoring, Accompanying, and Transcription Services

This page provides more detailed information on the various musical services I'm available to provide.

Teaching, Tutoring, Transcribing/Copyist Work, Recording, and Accompanying

Theory Tutoring (Bloomington local): $25 per hour session; $15 per half-hour, $35 per 90-minute session. (All are treated as a-la-carte and must be paid up at each session unless the student and I have established other arrangements.) Sessions can be scheduled as often as needed. (I generally offer up to 5 days a week, though students have regularly requested 7 because my services are so in demand!) Emergency sessions (booked with under 24 hours' notice) are $40 per hour and not prorated for unused time within the first hour.

Piano Instruction (Bloomington local): a-la-carte, $30 per hour lesson; $25 per 45-minute lesson, $20 per half-hour (does not include the purchase of scores and supplies). A slightly lower rate is available to students who pay by the month. Families with multiple siblings enrolled may be eligible for the lower 1-hour rate if their lessons are consistently scheduled in consecutive blocks (e.g. 2 siblings in 1/2 hour lessons may take the rate of $30/hour if one lesson immediately follows the other).

Skype Instruction (theory, piano, composition, and aural skills): Please contact me for a customized quote!

Transcription/Copying/Arranging: $15 per page when working from a score (e.g. preparing a transposed vocal score to suit your range); when transcribing by ear (from a recording), rates vary by number of instruments/complexity and length, starting at $100 per audio-minute, so contact me for a quote!

Piano Accompanying: Please contact me for a customized quote!

Solo Performing Engagements (weddings, banquets, parties, etc.): Please contact me for a customized quote!

Recording Projects: Please contact me for a customized quote!

Click here to view a list of Nicole's collaborative repertoire (which is always growing!).



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