23 May 2015

Spring 2015 News


- For those who haven't heard, I have expanded my musical services to include recording demos of your solo piano compositions (provided they are doable within time constraints), as I am currently working on one such project. This may be particularly useful for composers who are not themselves pianists, but would like to have their compositions read by a real pianist. In addition, I'll provide advice on writing effectively for the piano (though if much work needs to be done in this area, I'll ask you to enroll in Skype/online composition lessons to address idiomatic piano writing first.) I am open to undertaking professional recording projects for the pieces I have recorded in demos, as well, though they will either need to be recorded locally or I will need travel expenses covered to come to your location for the recording sessions.


- Nicole was a featured performer in Bachstock, a benefit concert for the Middle Way House of Bloomington, IN. The concert showcased new and varied arrangements of music by J. S. Bach.


- Nicole has just created a Artist Page on Facebook and is now offering music theory, composition, and select keyboard lessons via Skype and online consultations! Please visit the Artist Page for more information.


- Nicole has been chosen as a Music Theory and Composition Instructor for Liberty Park Music, an online music school offering video lessons in piano, guitar, and other instruments to subscribers around the world. Lessons will focus on music theory topics relevant to performance students and composition activities for those interested in exploring composition. Check out the site here.


- The ChagallPAC Saxophone Quartet performed an arrangement of Nicole's Fugue in G minor (2005) as part of a soundscape installation at Outpost 186 in Cambridge, MA. More information here.



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