04 July 2019

Spring/Summer 2019 Events and Happenings

8/2019: More exciting news: StudioDiPaolo will soon be relocating to Shaker Heights, Ohio, in addition to maintaining a virtual studio! For this reason, I'll no longer be taking Bloomington students who don't intend to "go virtual" after the relocation happens; however, if you'd like to join the virtual piano studio (or are interested in enrolling for theory/composition, which has always offered virtual enrollment), enrollment is still open for that. This website will also be getting a complete makeover in the coming months to celebrate this new stage in StudioDiPaolo's development!

7/3/2019: Le jardin des papillons, the second piece from my forthcoming suite of Impressionist-style pedagogical pieces, is now available here on MusicaNeo! Click here to purchase.

6/26-30/2019: I'm thrilled to have been invited, as a featured speaker, to present on Venturing Beyond at the inaugural Online Piano Convention, which brings together experts in adult piano student instruction and will feature piece-specific tutorials, discussions, and interactive content. The conference will go live from June 26-30, 2019. More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

5/10/2019: Exciting news! Soon, each of the individual pieces in the Venturing Beyond collection will be available for separate purchase here on MusicaNeo! I've gotten a lot of requests to sell the pieces individually, so making them available in this way will further equip teachers to customize their students' progression through the repertoire. As the listings are approved they'll appear on the main page within the "Latest Sheet Music" frame.

4/30/2019: Réminiscences d'Espagne, the first piece from my forthcoming suite of Impressionist-style pedagogical pieces, is now available here on MusicaNeo! Click here to purchase.

3/31/2019: On a few days' notice, I jumped in to collaborate with mezzo-soprano Sara Dailey on her first degree recital in IU's Ford Hall, sharing works by Mozart, Bellini, Schubert, Bernstein, and Fauré! We had a great time putting it together and recordings should be available soon.

3/2019: I'm staying busy teaching two online/hybrid music theory courses for IU, but I'm also ramping up course production for Liberty Park Music's music theory curricula and will continue to do so this summer! Do you have a particular type of music theory course you'd like to see at LPM? If so, let us know by contacting LPM through the website's contact form!

In addition, if you are considering enrolling in piano lessons this coming May, contact me as soon as possible to reserve your place on the current waiting list! I do have some students projected to graduate so spots should open up as soon as the semester ends (and beginning lessons in the summer, as my students have found, is much more pleasant than cramming them into an already-hectic fall semester!).

1/2019: I'm starting an exciting new composition project this year: a series of intermediate-level, accessible but musically rich piano pieces in the Impressionist style. In this set, I'll aim to capture the style of Maurice Ravel's music (although he disliked the "Impressionist" label himself!) because very little Ravel-preparatory music currently exists for younger or earlier-level pianists.



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