Scherzo in C sharp major (from Venturing Beyond)

Nicole DiPaolo
Nicole DiPaolo
Klassische Musik / Instrumentalmusik
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From VENTURING BEYOND, this is Scherzo in C# major! To my (the composer's) knowledge, this is the only early to mid-intermediate piano piece available in the key of C# major.

Link to purchase entire Venturing Beyond volume: https://ndipaolo.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-226266_venturing_beyond.html

Notes on the composition:

A scherzo is a fast piece in two parts, usually in triple meter, often with a humorous character (the word “scherzo” itself means “joke” in Italian). It is usually included as the second or third movement in a 4-movement work, like a symphony or string quartet, in place of the slower minuet. This piece should always be played with light and crisp articulation in the scherzo, with a more cantabile (singing) touch in the contrasting trio.
Skills employed in this piece:
* Reading in heavily sharp keys
* Reading double-sharps
* Staccato touch
* Scherzo/trio design (compound ternary containing binary forms)

Notes on the collection:

VENTURING BEYOND features twenty late beginner to early intermediate-level piano solos, representing all key signatures with three or more sharps/flats (including enharmonics)--keys rarely seen in today's pedagogical piano literature for the early grades. These pieces, written in Baroque, Classical and Romantic styles, not only help acquaint students with the idea of reading "within keys," but they also introduce common musical genres of the Western Classical canon (including the scherzo, sarabande, minuet, and fugue). These short, expressive compositions--each no more than two pages in a medium-sized font and requiring no more than a major sixth reach--are also ideal for adult students who desire to play musically satisfying repertoire that is within their technical grasp, but still suitable for public and private performance.
This volume also refrains from invoking programmatic titles or content that might suggest that it is geared toward the school-age student; thus, it is ideal for student pianists of all ages, from 5 to 105! This volume is pre-formatted to print double-sided, so that each of the two-page pieces will lie on facing pages when bound and no page turns will be required."

Datum des Uploads: 10 Mai 2019
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