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In the Catacombs - Bass Clef-Only Late Elementary Ancient Egypt-Themed Piano Piece (Without Photo)

Nicole DiPaolo
Nicole DiPaolo
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F minor
Very easy
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This piece is an excellent performance supplement for late elementary-level piano students of all ages who have an interest in Egyptian history! It also unfolds entirely in the bass clef, which allows students with better proficiency in treble clef reading to catch up in their bass clef reading skills.

It requires spans no wider than a perfect fifth and contains limited position changes (although it does not specifically require pentascales, which don't fit the hand naturally). Almost all the phrases start on a landmark note (middle C or bass F), allowing for easy intervallic reading. The opening left-hand gesture contains discreet alpha-note reminders, since bass C is not a landmark in most elementary methods, although Piano Safari students will recognize it.

The score has been optimized to address the needs of students with ADHD as well. It uses accidentals rather than key signatures and is strongly pattern-based. Additionally, all line and page breaks have been planned such that the first notes in each subsequent system are almost entirely the same notes (or the same thematic idea) the student was playing in the previous system. Effectively, nothing new is presented during a page or line break. Since eye tracking can be an issue in ADHD, this score layout minimizes any additional problems such students may experience. Fingerings are also provided more generously in this score than in similarly patterned scores so that the player with ADHD can be reminded of the suggested fingerings.

Please note this is the score edition that comes WITHOUT the accompanying photo (of the Kom El Shoqafa site in Egypt). This edition is best for students prone to visual distraction or teachers wishing to ration printer ink. If you'd like to purchase the score with the accompanying photo, it is listed separately within this category.

Upload date: 06 Nov 2020
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