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Welcome to my website! I am a pianist, composer, music theorist, and instructor based out of the Cleveland (Ohio) area and online. Here, you may find some information about me as an artist as well as purchase some of my compositions, including VENTURING BEYOND, my set of 20 early-intermediate piano solos in unusual keys, representing various 18th- and 19th-century genres.

I am available for solo and collaborative piano projects in the Cleveland area and remotely. Please contact me for more information! I specialize in vocal, violin, and light classical/crossover repertoire. I also particularly enjoy coaching young musicians embarking on OMEA contest repertoire. View my collaborative piano and chamber repertoire list here:

I also offer online piano, music theory, aural skills, and composition lessons via Zoom! I've taught online since 2015 in both private and university settings, so I bring a wealth of experience to this field. Please visit my studio website at to learn more and enroll. I am among the few teachers online who maintains a special focus on teen and adult students (andragogy) and historical composition/improvisation. My pedagogical specialties include piano instruction for adult beginners, tonal composition, historical/tonal improvisation, idiomatic piano writing, all levels of undergraduate (and some graduate) music theory and aural skills, form and analysis, schema theory, and keyboard harmony.

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17 July 2022, News
Summer 2022 Season Events
8/14/22 - I'll be accompanying the students of Wei-Fang Gu in a violin recital, so if this interferes with your lesson slot, we will find an alternative that week. Exact time TBD. 8/10/22 - I'll be in a private concerto recording session that ...
16 May 2022, News
Spring 2022 Performances and Announcements
6/22 - While it's not going to be a spring event by then--I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that two of my compositions, Divertimento for string quartet and Lucid Dreaming for solo harp (both available for purchase here on MusicaNeo), were chosen in ...
19 November 2021, News
Exciting Fall 2021 Events
12/10/2021 - I'll be appearing in a choral concert with Cleveland Heights High School. Details TBD--but it shouldn't affect anyone's lesson slots. 12/9/2021 - I'll be appearing in a choral concert with Kirtland High School. If your lesson time is ...