21 May 2015

Reviews and Press

Reviews of my performances as the pianist of the Duo del Mare (violin/piano ensemble) along with miscellaneous press coverage.

Article from the Northville Record on Nicole and her piano trio - July 2007 (PDF)

Guest Reviews of the Duo del Mare (Nicole DiPaolo and Amy Schlicher)

The below comments are taken from the post-cruise surveys given to each guest upon disembarkation. On Holland America's ships, the violin/piano duo is always called "Adagio" (the Duo del Mare is Amy and Nicole's own name).

Voyage 773 - ms Maasdam

"The Adagio duo were (sic) fabulous!"

"We really enjoy listening to Adagio and it has become our favorite onboard all our Holland American cruises."

"The Adagio violin and piano duo were FABULOUS."

"Every night before dinner we listened to Adagio. They are superb musicians! They played classical and show tunes."

"Loved the duo with piano and violin each evening."

Voyage 774 - ms Maasdam

"Adagio was so good..."

"We also especially liked Adagio and the expertise of these musicians. Very high quality for a cruise ship."

"Also, Adageo (sic) was a wonderful duo (violin and piano)."

"Adagio group was great. Cast was also great."

"We enjoyed Adagio, Amy and Nicole, what a joy to listen to them, wonderful."

"We greatly enjoyed Adagio on this cruise..."

"The adagio women were excellent musicians and related well to the audience."

"The two musicians in the Adagio group, violinist and pianist were excellent, and I enjoyed their playing very much."

"We were mosty impressed and entertained on a cultural level with ADAGIO, the twosome on the violin and piano. They were superb and talented - they were the highlight of the trip!!"

"A highlight of the cruise for me was the music of Adagio. Both the violinist and the pianist were very accomplished musicians and it was a pleasure to listen to them every evening before dinner. We weren't the only one to think this as many evenings there wasn't an empty seat in the lounge. I hope there's a program like this on all the ships - it adds a special aspect to cruising."

"We especially enjoyed Adagio. It would be great if they could play for 2 hours in the afternoon and 2 hours in the evening on those days we are at sea."

"The young women of Adagio are outstanding and played to a full room very time...they have a varied repertoire."

"We especially enjoyed the musical presentations of Amy on the violin and Nicole her pianist accompanist. We found we were drawn to their performances each evening following dinner where we enjoyed delightful musical selections. They played a variety of genres and also played requests from the audience. We noticed that by the end of the cruise their performances were drawing a crowd who appreciated the quality of their musical programs."

"The violin and piano sounds were beautiful..."

"I think HAL should be proud to have such good musicians performing for them."

"The entertainers in the lounges were excellent, especially the violinist/piano player..."

"The classical pair--piano and violin, and the singers Melissa and Brian were exceptional."

"We thought the violinist ( and pianist ) and the guitar player were first rate - and also seemed very nice people."

"Violin and piano girls from 6 to 10 were excellent. Amy and Nicole added so much class to the cruise."

Voyage 776 - ms Maasdam

"Love Adagio -- wishing more strings!!l Everynight before or after dinner spent much time with this group. Needless to say, I like classical music and also show tunes. This group of two ladies, was excellent -- very good musicians and very professional."

"We loved the classical music of the Adagio couple"

"Adagio was outstanding. Excellent musicians and very personable. "

"Adagio (Amy and Nicole) were wonderful. We attended their recitals 41 of the 42 nights."

"...the musical duo Adagio whose music gave us so much pleasure."

"I love Classical music. Thanks for the lovely violin and piano music provided by Amy and Nicole. it was so nice listening to them while sipping chocolate liquor. Awesome!!"

"Addagio (sic)- violin/piano duet was excellent. Amy and Nicole were very personable."

"the violinist and pianist were excellent musicians and played a very enjoyable mix of music to a very attentive audience."

"Perhaps the most outstanding of the entertainment was the violin player, Amy Schlicher and her piano accompanist, Nicole DiPaolo. We were particularly pleased with their performances."

Voyage 777 - ms Maasdam

"Adagio was excellent and we looked forward to listening to them after dinner every evening until the first show in the main show room."

"The Adagio Duo was excellent!"

"Adagio duo were quite talented and hard-working ladies."

"We really enjoyed the Adagio duet piano and violin. They were excellent, and we listened to them every night."

"Adagio musicians Amy and Nicole were excellent, there were more people in the Explorer's Lounge listening to them than I have ever seen on any cruise. Fine performances on stage from them, as well."

"Violinist and Pianist in Explorers were the best you have ever had on any ship. Good for you."

"the piano/violinist were superb."

"I felt the female dou (sic) of the piano player and the violin were excelent (sic)."

Voyage 778 - ms Maasdam

"I enjoyed Adagio ( Amy and Nicole) very much. They were fantastic in every way."

"We especially enjoyed the Adagio violinest and pianist."

"the pair at the adagio were FANTASTIC. I could listen to them all day. who ever hired this duo should get a raise. well done...."

"By FAR, the Adagio duet were the best musicians on board."

"The two musicians in Adagio...the violinist and pianist..they were fabulous!"



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